Monday, December 11, 2006

Do you know that they know if you are watching?

As parents involved in our childrens' lives, we know that we need to be there at their activites and events. Attending. Watching. Listening.

One additional thing I've learned is that, not only do we have to be there, but we have to be sure our children see us watching them.

For example, during the various lessons and other activities my kids have been involved in at the local YMCA, I'm watching them swim, learn gymnastics, climb the rock wall. I've also seen them turn and look at me after they've completed a teacher's task or other accomplishment.

They are checking to see if I'm watching.

And, I am (at least most every time).

I cringe when I see parents attending, for example, swim lessons, and bring a magazine to read while at the pool or constantly checking their Blackberry or similar device. Really, they might as well not be there.

Because they are really missing out on watching their children learn, grow, achieve -- and check to see if they are watching.

-- Michael

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