Saturday, August 22, 2009

A not-so Elegant Stinkhorn; or There's a fungus among us

As I went to our backyard Saturday morning to "pick up the dog doo, hope that it's hard" in preparation for cutting grass, I spied something strange sticking out of the ground just at the base of our steps.

It looked like a carrot growing the wrong way. I touched it and it felt spongy. Figured it was some sort of fungus, and it definitely looked, well, phallic-like.

At the very least, it looked silly.

Or, maybe the backyard was flipping me off.

Anyway, I did what any other normal, adult male with a juvenile mind would do. I called out my wife, Amy, and our kids to have them have a look at it.

This evening, while searching for "carrot orange fungus," I found that the odd thing sticking out of my yard was an Elegant Stinkhorn. Neither Amy nor I had seen anything like it before.

Being that it gave us a bit of a chuckle this morning, thought I'd share it with you.