Saturday, August 09, 2008

Growing up?

Last week, as I was spending time with my youngest son (7yo), tucking him into bed, he asked me, "I don't know why I'm asking this, but, what do you like to do?"

I paused and said a few things like playing and spending time with him and his brother and sisters; enjoy running, though haven't done it in a couple years; enjoy reading (though again, haven't done a lot of late, offline), and another thing or two.

The first thing that hit me after I left his room is that, he's thinking about others. Not like being unselfish, but looking at others' perspective, in a way. He probably never thought much before that his mother and I might like to do certain things.

The second thing that hit me is that, I don't do much just because I like to. Of course, I spend time with and play with my kids (though, not as much as I want to, particularly of late). But, that's easy. I love them and they mean the world to me. So, of course, playing with them is something I like to do.

But what else? I really don't have anything new to add (while blogging is something I like, I'm thinking more along the lines of real world, offline activities). And, the things I do like to do -- like running -- I really haven't done all that often.

So, is this part of the stage of life where being a husband, a father and an employee pretty much consume my life?

I'm not complaining, but am wondering that I should start taking more time to do things I like -- particularly playing with my kids.

Oh well, time to go let the pupply out one last time for the night.