Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is it with husbands killing their wives & families?

Here's the latest, about former pro-wrestler Chris Benoit.

Of course, there's the recent Jesse Davis and her unborn baby tragedy. (Yeah, technically, Cutts wasn't Davis' husband, but still the two had two children together.)

Others include:
Laci Peterson and her unborn baby

Lori Hacking

Tara Lynn Grant

Kimberly Vaughn

Brandi Dunn

What? Can't today's man control his rage, his drinking, his temper, his behavior?

Has it been this common for husbands to kill their wives, but media coverage has magnified it?

It blows my mind. How can you murder your wife? The one you pledged your love and life to?

Today's man needs to "man up" -- and I mean it seriously. No beer commercials here. Just be a man.

-- Michael