Thursday, August 03, 2006

Child sex offender lists

UPDATED 10/27/06: Well, while we don't know yet the name of the fraud behind, we do know where he worked and where he's from. What a putz. For more, check out Technorati for references to that fake blog.

I cannot imagine what parents whose children are missing or have been criminal victims must have gone through. I hope I never have to experience that. Anyone who preys on children -- no matter the reason, insane or sane -- should be locked up and/or put out.

I caught a good portion of John and Reve Walsh on Larry King Live the other night. It was very interesting and informational. The Walsh family -- with John Walsh in the spotlight -- are amazing people. They have taken a personal, family tragedy and made it a national crusade. Because of the Walsh's work, more children will be saved from the fate of Adam Walsh.

But, only if you -- the parents -- get and stay involved with your children.

Below is a list of sex offender registerys. Check them often, and know who your children's friends and associates are.

Family Watchdog: A site where you can search who in your area -- or any area -- has committed a crime against a child. Also includes sign ups and links to Amber Alerts.

U.S. Dept of Justice's National Sex Offender Public Registry

State of Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry

State of Ohio Sex Offender Registry

AMBER Alert Portal

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States

What other good links should parents know about?
-- Mike


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out if a juvenile is a sex offender unless they are required to register as a sex offender. The system protects minors, even if other children are at risk.

My daughter was molested by a teenager and he served time in a juvenile detention center, but does not have to register as a sex offender. He is clearly a predator, preying on a 3 year old when he was 15. If he were a few years older, there would be no question, he would have to register in our state. He gets a clean slate when he turns 18 and nobody will ever know what he did.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately what is seen is sometimes the tip of the iceberg. A family friend turned out to be a predator. He did go to prison. But his charges seem mild. The reason is he got caught on a milder charge. The wife contacted parents of kids they had babysitted over the years and the results were horrifying. The problem is that none of them were willing to come forward and say anything as adults. The charges would have been astronomical if they had been willing to testify. So, a man you see as having committed a milder offense really is a horrible repeat offender and stalker with many victims. He is out of prison, housed with two others just like him, and living three blocks from an elementary school.

Michael said...

A1: That's a good hole in the system you pointed out. While some juvies learn and get clean after serving time, I really wonder how many. Particularly for a sex crime. I think stats continually show that sex-related offenders more often than not repeat crimes -- no matter their age.

A2: That is a sad story, and your family friend -- and the friends he is living with? -- really need to be in jail. Unfortunately, I guess it would take a very strong person to relive the abuse suffered years ago.

Toledo, Ohio, (where I live by) is going after sexual predators (can't live within 1000 ft of a school) by its nuisance laws. Guess it's much quicker.

BTW, 1000 ft is not much. Less than a 1/4 mile? Shouldn't predators live like a mile or more away from schools, etc.?

Voix de Raison said...

Just a point: I don't condone or justify any sex crimes, but it is important to get the facts straight in spite of the hysteria.

Sex offenders are less likely to re-offend then all other general population offenders except for murderers, according to the US Justice Department's Bureau of Statistics.

For sex offenders specifically, 96.7% of offenders released from prison had not commited another crime against a child in three years, the most critical time period, and 94.7% did not commit another sex crime against any age individual in that same three year period.

Recent studies in Colorado show sex offenders with 50 or more sex offender specific treatment sessions to have recidivism rates of 0% to 3%.

What does this mean?
1) Don't buy into the hysteria surrounding sex offenders and sex crimes
2) Sex Offender specific treatment works
3) Most danger of sex offenses comes not from "unknown" offenders, or even from "known" offenders on registries, but from friends and family
4) The media sensationalized sex offender crimes are hyped because they are out of the ordinary, the same way serial murderers or serial snipers are hyped. They are not indicative of the whole.

While I can understand the fear that drives laws requiring sex offenders to live a certain distance from schools, parks, etc., in reality these laws cause a false sense of security. 90% of all sex crimes against children are committed by someone known to and trusted by the family and child, not the sex offender three blocks away who is trying to get his life back together, and probably in counseling and/or a residential treatment center.

I sympathize with victims and their families, and I readily admit there ARE serial sex offenders out there, the same as there are serial murderers, serial raptists, serial whatever. But, as in all other crimes, the serial sex offender is the exception, not the rule.

The best way to protect your children is talk to them, stay involved in their life, and closely watch adults - friends, relatives, whatever, who want to spend more time with your child then with you.

Glenn McNary said...

There is nothing like good communication with your kids, but it's also important to know where the potential threats live in your neighborhood. If you have a means to know exactly where convicted sex offenders live in relation to your residence, then you are negligent if you do not find out where some of the potential threats are located.

No "hysteria" is required to take responsible action and do basis research on your own neighborhood.

I've researched a lot of state web sites and some of them are good but others are lacking. The paid portals (subscriptions or mandatory donations like national alert registry and family watchdog) seem to have better information than the state web sites but they want $$$ in return for the use of their maps.

I did find a toolbar that is a free, functional download that provides unlimited maps/photos of predators nationwide at no cost to the user. If your state doesn't have a good, updated mapping system, this is a good alternative. The toolbar can be found at

There seems to be a large portion of bloggers out there that think this mapping disclosure through the DOJ is infringing upon the constitutional rights of convicted sex offenders. I believe they (convicted sex offenders) gave up some privacy rights when they committed more egregious sex crimes.

Booger said...

There are predators out there who, for whatever reason, have escaped the law's grasp and continue to threaten children One such is my wife's ex-husband, Joseph Bernard Williams of Moncks Corner, S.C. For more info on this sick individual, goto

If you find this individual in your neighborhood, DO NOT approach him! Warn others of his presence and stay away from him at all costs!

Anonymous said...

help! I am in limbo on whether to turn in a female who is 20 and who praying on 15 16 year old boys on a wrestling team where her father is one of the coaches> dont know what to do!

Anonymous said...

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